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Go hug a tree...

Saturday, December 26, 2015

 For people who grew up near Chicago, SB and I are accustomed to the finer things of winter: freezing our faces off, digging our cars out from under several feet of snow (sometimes multiple times in one day), and we are no strangers to the exhilarating slide of a car over black ice.  And neither of us are huge fans of any of these things. 

... but this warm weather is just weird.  

We've had the windows open day and night for the last several weeks.  And it just didn't feel like Christmas without the snow.  We even looked up ski forecasts for all of Germany to get a quick getaway in a snowy place, but the snow is just nowhere to be found! 

Naturally, since we're both total geeks, the warm weather has caused the both of us to go down our own individual internet wormholes about global warming and we're kind of freaked out.  I've always been into the environment and just last week, I posted some tips for going green, but for real.  It's just not enough. 

Because I'm also kind of a hippie, my wormhole lead me to all sorts of magical/mystical ways to connect with the earth on a more spiritual level: i.e. hugging trees is good for people and for trees.  Don't believe me?  There actually is some science to it (read about it HERE).  Obviously, after taking in all of this new highly scientific information, I had to test things out.  

I kid you not, I hugged about 25 trees on my short walk/picnic/solar panel charging time in the woods and it was exhilarating.  It may have just been exhilarating because after each hug, I checked the trail to make sure that no one saw me and thought I was crazy, but it was exhilarating nonetheless!  


Stopped for lunch and counted 17 buildings with solar panels.  Pretty legit!   And yes, I made my grilled cheese in the waffle maker... 

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2 comments on "Go hug a tree... "
  1. Hello Signe! I loved your post. Where i live we don't have white christmas, it's just ht weather and i'm always wishing to have a white christmas, i'd love to travel to some place with cold weather for the holidays!
    I really liked the idea of hugging trees, i should do that as well.
    thanks for sharing! I'm already following you. Have a nice week!


  2. It really is strange being so mild at the end of December. We are currently suffering from strong winds and lots of rain in the UK, with many places being flooded. I miss frosty mornings and snow being forecast! xxx
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