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In the world...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

It seems appropriate on a foggy day to have a bit of a foggy head.  Life continues to baffle me, but I suppose that that's what makes it interesting.  

What helps to push through when all the news does is terrify, when times are just tough, and when you've just had it, is to realize how many awesome people there are in the world.  And these awesome people are doing awesome things.  You (yes, you, Reader) may even be one of them (and if you are... please tell me what you're up to, 'cos I'll probably want to do it too).  

A quick scroll through Instagram this afternoon pointed me in the direction of about 20 new charities/fundraisers/small businesses with a world-friendly outlook and it got me a bit inspired.  There are people in the world who are making shoes for people who otherwise wouldn't have them.  There are people who spend their free time picking up trash on the beach to keep our oceans clean.  There are people who are feeding those who cannot feed themselves.  I want to do all of these things.  I just want to save the world.  

I'm trying.  Today, I've put on an eco-friendly infinity scarf from Indigo Apparel and it's helped me feel that I'm doing my part, regardless of how small.  It's vegan, organic, bamboo/cotton, and handmade with natural dyes, so it's a super stylish low-impact and that's a bandwagon I can definitely jump onto!  

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