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The news...

Thursday, December 31, 2015

I have a bit of news... news that I'm not entirely sure how I feel about. 

SB was supposed to move back to the states a few months ago, but has stayed put.  This means that I've been extending on my job for the last few months and with my knee surgery, I haven't been teaching so it's been lots of sitting around at really weird hours and since I had to sell my car, the days have gotten really, really long, I've lost a lot of my freedom of mobility and with SB's job changing so much, I don't know how much longer life will be static like this. 

With this in mind, I decided to put my feelers out for jobs back in the states and rather quickly, I was asked for a FaceTime interview.  I got all dressed up, business-like and such, and after about 5 minutes, was offered a position in, coincidentally, the school where SB and I met when we were 6-years old.  

This new job would put me back on the path of teaching special ed, has good perks and good hours, but if I accept it, I will have to leave Europe and go live back at home.  It shouldn't be a bad thing, but at nearly 30 the whole unmarried, childless, career-less thing is really wearing on me and moving back home makes me feel a bit like I've somehow managed to fail as a grownup (again).  

Have ya'll ever been stuck in  a sticky spot like this?  Should I stay or should I go? 

Major shoutout to The Alysia for letting me custom design these snazzy flats!  I love having stylish shoes that are comfy for me post-surgery, but still look super chic!  My mum has already tried to steal them from me several times! 

7 comments on "The news... "
  1. You have definitely not failed as a grown up! I bet all your friends and family that are married with kids are secretly completely jealous of your life. I mean, you've lived abroad! That's amazing and not many people can say they've done that in their lives. Plus, you're still so young and have absolutely loads of time!! It sounds like a bit of a sticky situation now, but situations like this always seem to sort themselves out in the end and then they feel like a distant memory! I hope everything works out for you! Amazing outfit by the way, love the shoes! xx


  2. The shoes look awesome! Loving the whole outfit. Congratulations on the job offer! It really is difficult trying to be an adult, isn't it? Things never seem to go the way we planned, but I do believe everything happens for a reason and what's meant to be will be. Good luck for the new year! xxx
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  3. I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. :)
    Happy New Year and all the best! May all your wishes come true!
    Xoxo, Victoria


  4. That's a tough decision!! Hope you'll be happy with your choice - have a great new year!

  5. You have an awesome opportunity ahead of you back in the states. I little uncomfortableness builds character and when you need assistance along the way. Waiting for someone else is a dead end. Take the leap!