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Keeping warm in Krakow...

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello, from Krakow!  Ok, we're home now, but these snaps are from last week's adventure in Poland! I know that for the last several weeks, I've gone on and on about how warm the winter in Germany has been and how weird it is and how the globe is most definitely starting to overheat, but now I'm kind of re-thinking things.

We froze our brains out in Poland.  And because we had a full 5 days there instead of the usual 2.5 days we'd give ourselves on a weekend, I didn't schedule a whole lot to do with each day.  I kind of figured that we'd spend quite a bit of time outside, trying to get lost in the city; however with the insane cold and due to several local attractions not supporting online booking in advance and being completely sold out by the time we got there, we ended up ducking into too many souvenir shops, bars, coffee shops, food stands, and even the "Museum of Alive Butterflies" simply to stay warm! 

I didn't manage to take a single outfit photo on this trip and, in fact, one day ended up wearing about 90% of the garments that I'd packed for the trip.  I looked like a marshmallow the whole time!  

In any case, our quest for warmth brought us wonderful things like goulash, hot chocolate so thick you have to consume it by the spoonful, grog, and hot beer (who knew that would be good?) AND I got to play with giant live butterflies!  

10 comments on "Keeping warm in Krakow... "
  1. When it's summertime I highly recommend going to northern Poland. That's where most of my family lives. Gdynia is where they live but Sopot has the nightlife and Gdansk has all of the history. Oh, and you can take a ferry to Sweden for a day trip. I promise it's fun up there!


  2. Very nice photos, you make me wanna visit Poland
    Take care

  3. Great pics. The winter in Spain is being really mild too, I'm just dying for some colder days. Happy New Year Signe. xoxoxo

  4. so jealous you got to go to Poland! My family is from there <3

  5. What a beautiful place, great photos

  6. oh that looks so beautiful. I wish you a fabulous 2016

  7. Love the pics. It looks so amazing. Also I love you outfit it look super warm and comfy.

    Jessy xx Kleidermaedchen

  8. Great photos!
    Happy New Year!

  9. Lol at hot beer, and lol at marshmallow :) hot cocoa pic is adorable. When I was in Poland, we spent time at Hotel Golebiewski in Wisla... Probably the coolest place I've ever stayed, with salt rooms and saunas galore, and a basement waterpark. We heard singing coming from a random building, and crept inside to listen. Didn't speak a lick of Polish, but the choir saw us peeking through the door crack and invited us in. :) Such nice people there.

  10. Great photos! If hot chocolate is that thick, then you know it's the good stuff! We had some in Spain and dipped churros in it - heavenly. xxx
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