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Happy Chinese New Year...

Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year!  One of the truly great things about living back at home and working where I work is that there is a ton of diversity!  Last week, in an interest conversation about celebrations with a student who moved to the states from India several years ago, it came out that I have, in the past, celebrated Diwali.  She celebrates Diwali every year and was totally shocked that someone (I assume who looks) like me could possibly celebrate Diwali.  After that, I had students approaching me to ask if I celebrated Christmas, Hanukah, and a host of other holidays.  I told them that if someone asks me to celebrate something with them or teaches me about a holiday that they celebrate, there's a pretty good chance that I'll do it!  

I got the perfect chance to continue celebrating today!  Before classes this morning, we had a school-wide Chinese New Year celebration, complete with flutes (errr... recorders), drums, and Chinese dragons!  I got festive with my beautiful new handmade lamp work earrings from entre2et7 and a kimono.  The earrings were the perfect pop of color against my monochromatic outfit and since some of the beads have Asian writing (I'll admit, I don't know what they say or what language the characters are written in), I thought they'd be a fun touch! 

If you celebrate, I wish you a happy, peaceful, and prosperous new year! 

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