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What could be better?

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

You know what's perfect on a chilly grey day?  A wearable work of art like this insanely gorgeous handmade bag from the Manos Zapotecas spring line!  Ya'll have no idea how long I've been trying to keep this beautiful bag under wraps so they could officially launch their spring collection, but it is live (and you should seriously go take a look at it STAT!) and now I want to share it with the world! 

I discovered Manos Zapotecas on an Instagram binge a while back and immediately fell in love with their feed and the bright colors and patterns of the bags in their line.  When I discovered that they are a fair-trade and crazy sustainable line, it was true love!  All of the bags in this line are handcrafted in Oaxaca, Mexico by local craftsmen/women who are paid a fair wage and can use this outlet as a way to share their beautiful Zapotec weaving with the socially conscious world.  

What could possibly be better?  

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