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A challenge...

Monday, March 14, 2016

To say that life is full of challenges is both a universal and a simple truth about life.  It is something that I've been struggling with for a while.  Why do we need so many challenges?  Why does everything have to be so darn difficult?  

And because I am a walking contradiction, I am going to put a challenge to ya'll!  However, this one is fun (at least I think it is) AND is is good for the environment.  

Ready for it?  

I challenge ya'll to make your wardrobe as sustainable as possible.  This is something that I first started trying to do after college, when I no longer worked in a store and had lost my store discount.  I gave myself a $50 budget for clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories per month and that way that I (usually) was able to attain my goal was through the purchase of only second-hand clothing.  This was a great way for me to keep my closet revolving without spending a ton of money and it also helped to do my own small part in cutting down a sliver of demand in the overwhelming machine that is the garment industry.  

Now, I've expanded my sustainable wardrobe to include not only second-hand clothes, but also products that are fair trade, eco-friendly and are handmade.  I always love when I find a brand that has great clothes and accessories and will also donate a portion of proceeds towards a non-profit organization.  I can also totally get behind the handmade movement.  There is definitely something to be said for wearing unique pieces of art that are an expression of a creator's abilities!  

Take this outfit, for example... the headband, pants, and all the jewelry in this look were handmade.  The boots were borrowed from my mum and the top and kimono were blogger freebies (which I have now become super selective about so that moving forward, my wardrobe will be as sustainable as possible).  

What do you think?  Fun challenge, non? 

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  1. Awesome look!


  2. Great look!) www.elationofcreation.com

  3. I LOVE going on "treasure hunts" at Goodwill and the Airman's Attic! It's always surprising the things you will find for a few bucks or for free! I'm trying to be more mindful as well about buying new clothes; I've definitely cut down on how much since we moved. The best secondhand finds I scored are a Christian Dior jacket (beautiful shape) for TWO DOLLARS, and a pre-Chanel Karl Langerfeld (sp?) jacket for the hubby which was eight dollars! Love it!!!