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On the other side of the tracks...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I hate to repeat an outfit photo location, but for real, this is one of my favourite spots around here.  And because this song just crossed my path and works perfectly with these photos (and kind of where my life currently is), I'd like to share a few lyrics from this song (from the musical "Little Me"). 

But my heart says "Reach for the stars," 
And my heart I cannot deny
Though it's my hard luck
That I'm stuck
On the farthest one in the sky

So my eyes are destined to wander
And my brain no more to relax
For there's nothing farther out yonder
Than the other side of the tracks

8 comments on "On the other side of the tracks... "
  1. lovely photos! love the mood and tone!


  2. These photos are so cool, I love the setting and your boho look

  3. Awesome look) Have a nice day! www.elationofcreation.com

  4. Those lyrics are beautiful, as are the photos! Stunning as always x