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Old haunts...

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Here I am rock me like a hurricane in a cemetery...  

Yes, friends, I've been back in America for just over three months and I'm still trying to reconnect with some of my old haunts (*snorts at cemetery joke*).  

While you may find it a bit odd to take outfit photos in a cemetery, let me tell you that the Victorians enjoyed having picnics in cemeteries with their deceased.  And they brought the whole kit and caboodle: silver candlesticks, wine, they wore hats, etc.  

Sometimes, I just find it refreshing to step out of the norm.  It's nice to get out of the proverbial box (I guess that means not a cemetery in this case) and look at something different.  I don't have any ghost stories to share like I did the last time I posted pics from this spot, but I will say that while a bit strange, a walk in an old cemetery is pretty cool... it makes one think and there's never anything wrong with that! 

8 comments on "Old haunts... "
  1. Amazing!


  2. I'm intrigued by your choice of background in the cemetery, but it does bring to mind some thoughts on hauntings and ghosts, now that you've return to your old stomping grounds.

    I really love your outfit and the poncho is adorable!

    1. I think I've been a bit contained, since I've been back in the states. It seems that there are so few places to post up and do tripod photoshoots without people staring you down or chasing you off the property... this seems like a good a place as any!

  3. What a cool story idea, I will agree with the commentor from before me, it's intriguing. :)

    Xoxo, Victoria


    1. Something a bit different can be fun sometimes, non?