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The waterless challenge...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

As the days go by and I interact more with the world, I've learned about more and more bits and pieces of the world that could use a bit of a boost.  While I've been hugely on the sustainable and fair trade fashion kick for a while and am a huge fan of rescuing people from modern day slavery (which is what many of the fair trade companies featured here do), I'd like to point your attention to Love Water.  It is an organization that is dedicated to bringing clean drinking water to people around the world who would otherwise not have access to this precious resource.  

To get an idea of what these people must be living through, I decided to challenge myself and instead of sticking to my "drink-at-least-two-bottles-of-water-a-day" rule, I only let myself have water when I really really REALLY didn't think I could handle not having it at all.  

Let me tell you, it is not an experiment that I wish to repeat.  I'm a water-a-holic!  I cannot fully wrap my brain around the idea that there are people in the world who drink as much water in a week as I drink in a day, and so, I encourage ya'll to take a gander at the Love Water shop and consider picking up some fun merch to help spread the world and make access to clean drinking water more universal! 

Think you could go a day without water?  Let me know! 

3 comments on "The waterless challenge... "
  1. The patterns on your leggings are soo cute!! They look perfect for yoga.


  2. You are so right!! I think I can't go a day without water. :c


  3. Your leggings are so cute, I love the print