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Call it a crossroads...

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Since I was able to differentiate between colours and insert my own opinions about them, I've been emphatic about the fact that my favourite colour was green... but looking at the sky in these snaps, I'm really starting to reconsider.  

Green very well may be replaced by "Cloudless Afternoon Sky Blue."

Lots of things in my life are being replaced right now.  While it's been almost 4 months, I'm still missing the hills and castles of Germany that I've replaced with suburban Chicago strip malls.  I've left behind my loved/hated Beetle for my reliable 4-door sedan.  I've traded weekend trips to Italy for weekend trips to Milwaukee.  I've also swapped a lack of medical care and a bum knee for a leg that I can almost dance on again, but I still feel like times are changing quickly and simultaneously, that the pieces aren't falling together fast enough.  

On the one hand, everything feels totally static and like it's suspended in Jello and on the other hand, I can't find enough hours in the day to tackle everything that life is throwing my way.  

Have you ever felt this way?  

I'll just go ahead and call it a crossroads... 

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