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A paranormal experience...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ok, pals, I swear I'll start posting outfit photos again soon, but I am really on a bit of a wander-binge since I've just moved. These are finally the last snaps from my life in Illinois and I have been anxiously waiting to share them.  

As some of ya'll may know, I'm obsessed with ghost stories, shows about ghosts, and abandoned buildings, so you can imagine just how totally super stoked I was when my buddy, Pedro, and I went on our walk at the Joliet Iron Works Historic Site and happened to pass the Old Joliet Prison.  

You may actually recognize this place, as it's been featured in tons of movies and TV shows (most notably "Blues Brothers" and "Prisonbreak").  I, personally, and never heard of it, but was immediately drawn to how spooky it looked.  I hadn't read any ghost stories about it, there was nothing outside of the site that alluded to anything ghostly, but friends... I had my first paranormal experience in a long time here.  It gave me the best kind of shivers! 

Here's what happened:  I was walking around and taking photos while Pedro was in the car battling Pokemon.  I approached the gate house when my camera, which I had charged fully the night before and had only taken about 20 photos with on our walk, started flashing that the battery was dead.  I thought, "Oh man!  That stinks" but continued to take photos as long as I could.  Pedro came and joined me and we walked out and around the building and the battery warning on my camera totally and completely went away... until we walked back over by the gatehouse.  Once again, it started flashing that the battery was going to die.  I thought it was kind of weird and we started to walk back towards the car. 

This, my friends, is when I suddenly began to hear piano music coming from behind me (i.e. the gatehouse).  I stopped, listened closer and asked Pedro if he heard anything.  His response was, "Yeah... I think I hear piano music."  And a few seconds later, it had stopped.  

I messed with my camera the whole way home and never got the battery warning again.  I was actually able to use the camera without charging it again for about 4 more days after this happened.  

Weird coincidence... or paranormal experience...?  You decide!  

Note: After some Googling, I came up with about 15 sites in Joliet that are supposed to be haunted.  The TAPS team from Ghost Hunters even investigated one of them several years ago!  


I was taking this photo of a randomly discarded chair when I first noticed the piano music... 

2 comments on "A paranormal experience... "
  1. Love this Post:)

  2. That is so cool and creepy at the sane time! I myself had never heard of the prison because I didn't watch either of the shows you mentioned but my gosh that's really weird. I'm gonna go with paranormal activity purely because life needs excitement every now and again. The piano thing would've definitely spooked me especially if I was alone!

    The pictures are absolutely fabulous too btw!

    Ama / Albatroz & Co.