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Weekend escapes...

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Hang ten, ya'll!  One of the truly wonderful things about living in Nevada is that now, I'm only about a 5-hour drive away from the California coast (and therefore, my daddy's house).  I love to escape to the beach to hunt for sea glass and recharge, so last weekend, when the SB presented me with the opportunity to head to the LA-area, I took it and ran with it.  

The drive through the Mojave desert was certainly interesting.  We passed a solar farm, some crazy graffiti billboards, and an abandoned waterpark (which I plan to explore the next time we head West).  Our arrival in Ventura took us straight to the beach, in to town to grab a Mexican mocha from Palermo Coffee, and then back to the beach to let my daddy's puppies run around as the sun set.  It was fun to show SB a part of my life that he's never seen before and it's always great to have a place that feels like home (more on that later, but my new apartment still just doesn't quite register with me as "home"). 

Friends, there's one thing I've learned over the last few hectic weeks: When you get the chance to recharge, take it.  Even if it may create some more work for you on the other side.  Take the chance anyway!  

2 comments on "Weekend escapes... "
  1. Lovely post Signe! I totally understand what you mean about being somewhere closer to home as well and I hope your apartment will soon feel more like a home abd not a house for you. As for the relaxation, I've been looking for a chance to get away soon and indulge in just being abd this post just fueled that even more with your beautiful shots, especially your dad's pups on the beach! Abd I really can't wait for you to explore this abandoned water park, it sounds so cool!

    Ama / Albatroz & Co.

  2. Aw looks like you had a great time at your dads! I definitely agree, taking time to re-charge is so so so important especially when you're feeling a bit overwhelmed or stressed! Great photography too xx

    |Georgia Megan|