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The dress code...

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Oasap tribal poncho, 22 Stars bead necklaces, AMI Clubwear fringe boots, Song Yee Designs turquoise berry ring, casual outfit

I don't know why, but every time Wednesday rolls around, I find myself sitting in front of the computer, late at night (errr... at 2100) attempting to force my eyes to stay open while I think of something incredibly witty to share here.  

That, my friends, is just a snippet from the life of a first-year teacher.  

Here is my best attempt at saying something incredibly interesting, thought-provoking, and opinion-seeking: 

I am totally on the fence about school dress codes.  

While, on the one hand, I can see how dress codes are great.  I can recall a number of teachers that I would never want to see in a crop top and Daisy Dukes.  I can't even begin to wrap my head around the distraction that would have caused.  Add that to the fact that kids today are physically growing faster and are trying to act older, but are slowing down mentally (and you know, totally missing out on important life skills) and it is easy to see that without a dress code, school could become an even gnarlier place than it already is.  We'd have buildings full of sassified third graders running around looking like Honey Boo Boo/Kardashian wannabes and really (adapted from the dignified words of Honey Boo Boo herself), I don't need that drama. 

On the flip side, I don't actually own many short-sleeved shirts.  I'm not allowed to wear tank tops to work unless the strap is at least 3" wide (which ummm... I don't have any of) or if I wear it under something.  Because my coverup wardrobe consists mostly of kimonos with fringe or super drapey sleeves, I spend lots of my day either getting caught on classroom furniture or in the sticky grasps of kiddos who share my affinity for fringe and since I tend to be constantly chasing eloping children back into my den of learning classroom, it just gets to be too darn hot for layers. 

I think that writing this may have just knocked me off of the fence.  I just decided that tank tops should be allowed.  If nothing else, because we live in the desert and don't have any control over the air conditioning in the school... and who wants to do schoolwork when they're overheating (or getting stuck on the furniture)?  I'll tell you: NO ONE!  

What do you think about school dress codes for students and for teachers?  Necessary, or creates more hassle than it's worth? 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the necklaces are handmade and fair trade
: the leather cuff is handmade
: the turquoise ring is handmade
: the leggings are second hand

10 comments on "The dress code... "
  1. I think school dress code is vital because dressing appropriately is a sign of respect :)

    That kimono is divine! Loving your blog post as usual. xoxo

    Much love,
    Sugary Fancies, Life and Style Blog| Instagram | Bloglovin' | Sugary Fancies, Facebook

    1. I agree with you to a point! I just feel like there's such a double standard and it makes me mad!

  2. Love the Way That You've styled Them with the rest of this outfit!


  3. I'm completely against dress codes! They not only make people uncomfortable in hot weather when they can't wear tank tops, but it's also very much a double standard for girls. For example, girls cant wear certain length shorts and skirts ...and the reasoning is...they are "distracting". My question is, why are people sexualising young girls in their minds to the point that it is distracting? Skin is mainly shown on young girls because it's hot outside, not because they go out that day aiming to be "distracting"! It seems silly to me! Great post, it's so interesting to hear a teacher's insight into it, you shared some great points! x

    |Georgia Megan|

    1. Right? The double standard makes me a bit crazy. I mean, all of my students are boys and while their clothes aren't distracting, they DO distracting things all day. If girls' clothing is distracting to the point where it is not allowed, should we also not allow the boys to (be themselves) act in ways that are distracting?

  4. It's a pretty sticky topic, isn't it, dress code in schools.
    I think there should be a dress code in school, both for students and for teachers, it will get everyone more disciplined.
    Have a great weekend!


    1. I think it is a pretty sticky topic. There are two super clear sides to the argument and both have very valid points!