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Let's talk about sustainable fashion...

Sunday, October 9, 2016

It's that time of week again!  Yep, it's #SustainableSunday and something I want to talk about this week is just how huge sustainable fashion has become over the last decade.  When I jumped on the sustainable bandwagon, a lot of people thought I was crazy.  

"Sustainable clothes are ugly!  Organic fabric isn't any different from regular fabric!  There aren't as many options!  You'll lose your individual style if you go straight up sustainable" people told me.  

These, my friends, may have been semi-true a decade ago, but these days, there are SO many options out there, it is easy to maintain style and still be sustainable.  

I cannot even begin to tell you how many compliments I received on this outfit when I wore it to work last year.  From "Wow!  You look like a 1960s hippie girl" to "I wish I could pull off this outfit the way you do" this outfit embodied the fun, colorful style I love AND was appropriate to wear to work.  And the best part?  The dress was handmade in Mozambique from locally-made fabrics, the necklace and bracelet were handmade in Uganda from recycled paper beads, and the ring and earrings were handmade in Honduras.  The majority of this outfit was handmade, is fair trade and still totally allowed me to express my personal style!  

In your face, sustainable naysayers!  Jump on the bandwagon! 

4 comments on "Let's talk about sustainable fashion... "
  1. your dress is so pretty. You always look greant in prints and flowy silhouettes
    The Color Palette

  2. Great outfit! I love the colorful dress.

    Xoxo, Victoria