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Ethical Cyber Monday Roundup...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of year again: 'tis the season of holiday shopping.  I'd been hoping to post this on Black Friday, but ended up going several days without any internet access, so this shall be an ethical Cyber Monday roundup!  As always, we are being bombarded with advertisements, special offers, and freebies from all angles, and while I don't want to add to all of that grey noise, I do want to urge you to think twice about the gifts you are purchasing this year.  I absolutely recommend taking the time to make ethical, conscious, and sustainable choices... and to help you do so, I've gathered up a list of places (and specific gifts) that may be just the thing you're looking for!

Ethic Goods- Ethic Goods is a fabulous online fair trade boutique that I happened upon on Instagram.    Everything you'll find in their shop has been handmade by women (and sometimes men) who are trying to escape a life of poverty.  They are paid a fair working wage and educated on how to break the cycle of poverty.  I absolutely love the Half Circle necklace that they sent me!  It came from Ethiopia and the metal beads were fashioned from melted down bullet casings, collected from former conflict areas in East Africa. I just love the idea of something so lovely being made out of something that once was so dark and I think that this necklace would make a rather fabulous gift!

GlobeIn-  I'm not usually all that into subscription boxes, but GlobeIn is one that I can definitely get behind!  They put together monthly themed baskets and stock them with handmade and fair trade goodies from around the world! I loved their "Jewelry Box" and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the "Cozy Box."  If you don't want to make a huge splurge, they've recently started a $10/month subscription through the GlobeIn Club.  This will get you the Artisan Item of the month! Also, just as a little perk, you can snag yourself a deal with coupon code DAILYSAVANT!

Heshima Kenya- I've got to show a bit of hometown love this holiday season, and I want to share with you, once again, Heshima Kenya.  This Chicago-based company has set out on a mission to support unaccompanied minors and women who are victims of the sex trade by giving them shelter, medical help, and an education.  They work and earn a living wage by making beautiful hand-dyed scarves.  These scarves are totally unique and all proceeds go to help women in need!

Mata Traders- Once again, I've got to send some hometown love out to Chicago-based Mata Traders. This fabulous company is the brainchild of three BFFs who traveled to India and fell in love with the country and decided to start a design-driven, fair trade brand that focuses on helping both to end global poverty and inspire other ethical companies.  If you're looking for an ethically-made, reasonably-priced piece of jewelry for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list, consider the Concerto NecklaceReverse Drop Necklace, or the Chain Drop Earrings!

Nomads Clothing- Since I'm sending all sorts of fair trade love to companies based in places that I'm from, I have got to take this opportunity to give Nomads Clothing a quick shoutout.  This fair trade company is based in Cornwall (another place where, you guessed it, I'm from!).  This company was also born from travels to far-away places and a need to share things from the far corners of the earth with people who would otherwise not cross paths with them.  Since 1989, Nomads has been promoting ethical and sustainable fashion and employs people in India who work in a safe place and are paid a fair wage.  They are super excited to share their 6-way poncho with the world this holiday season (and I am equally as excited to share with you all the ways I can style the one they sent to me)!
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  1. Great ethical brands, thanks for sharing.
    I didn't go to any shopping this year for Black Friday (nor did I do any online shopping on Cyber Monday). It was a very busy day for me in the office that Friday, and then the traffic was just crazy in the city that day, so I didn't go. Besides that, I didn't feel like go shopping for more stuff that I don't need just because it was Black Friday.

    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria