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#SustainableSunday with Ethic Goods...

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy #SustainableSunday, ya'll!  It's hard to believe that these snaps were taken in sunny Santa Barbara, California just a few days ago when today, we drove back to Vegas and saw snow on the ground!    I kind of fell off the grid there for the last 4 days or so (post-Thanksgiving) and so I do apologize, but  I am back and ready to go!  

This week for #SustainableSunday, I am really excited to present to you: Ethic Goods.  This company is the brainchild of Meagan Hawley, who is a firm believer in providing great economic opportunities for women who are at risk or living in poverty.  With this belief in mind, Meagan founded Ethic to give these women the opportunity to rise above their circumstances. She's partnered with organizations in both Ethiopia and in Thailand and employs over 100 women to hand-make beautiful ranges of jewelry (that are designed in Washington D.C.).  

This holiday season, they have created an amazing line of Ethiopian jewelry, like the Half Circle necklace I was proud to wear (and receive compliments on) with my monochromatic outfit in Santa Barbara.  Believe it or not, this necklace was made from beads that were created from melted down bullet casings sourced from former conflict areas in Eastern Africa.  I just think that there is something so beautiful about digging up a raw material that was once used to inflict harm and turning it into something gorgeous (while also employing someone who wouldn't otherwise have a source of income... especially because they've been diagnosed as HIV positive)!  

It really doesn't get much better than this!  

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the necklace is fair trade and handmade from re-purposed bullet casings
: the sweater was thrifted

2 comments on "#SustainableSunday with Ethic Goods... "
  1. Nice outfit and those stairs are gorgeous! Please check out my new post: Winter coats inspiration on http://tfmbe.blogspot.be/ Thank you! xxx

  2. What a great sustainable story, good for you girl. :)
    I just started enjoying another way to dress in a sustainable way, by wearing unconventional outfits. I love dressing outside the box and wear my clothes way outside their original scope, like dresses worn as skirts, skirts worn as tops, shirts worn as boleros, scarves worn as tops, tanks worn as tops, boyfriend's shirt, boyfriend's T-shirt, boyfriend's shorts, boyfriend's tank. This way, I can wear each of these items in two different ways at least (a dress worn as a dress and then as a skirt for example), which doubles my wardrobe without buying more clothes. This way I can wear a different outfit every day for the foreseeable future, without buying more, hoarding or overconsuming.

    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria