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#WanderlustWednesday at Bart's Books...

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Happy #WanderlustWednesday! As life is getting more and more hectic with the rapid approach of the holidays, I'm taking some time to think about something that makes me happy: books.  Also, when I get to travel to play with books, my life is pretty much set. 

With that said, I just had to share this magical place with the world.  Over Thanksgiving break, SB and I drove out to visit my dad and step-mom in California.  On one of our down days, they took us to Ojai (pronounced "Oh-hai") to do a bit of exploring.  Ojai is an artsy little town that is super easy to fall in love with... and that's exactly what I did.  

And after visiting Bart's Books (this wonderful, fabulous, miraculous) open-air second-hand book store with a resident cat.  Never have I ever been to a place quite like this.  I mean, the book stalls among the Seine in Paris are a close comparison, but they get closed up at night and, while the interior of Bart's Books is locked up at night, the exterior is dotted with bookshelves and the front door has a sign asking after hours patrons to leave money for any books purchased through a slot on the door.

Talk about trusting the public!  If that isn't magical, I don't know what is!  

Have you ever been to Ojai?  To Bart's Books?  Ever seen another place quite like this one? 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 
: the scarf is fair trade and handmade
: the shirt was thrifted
: the earrings were handmade from ethically harvested butterfly wings
: the ring was handmade from found sea glass

3 comments on "#WanderlustWednesday at Bart's Books... "
  1. That is quite a unique book store and they must trust their community so much to have an open area without a physical cashier at hand.

    Beautiful Outfit.

  2. Love your casual outfit! Nice photos!


  3. What a great place, I would love to go there! I also love to explore indie bookstores, and I do so every time I get the chance, I know a few in my region. :)
    I am also in love with our biggest bookstore chain in Canada, Indigo, I have purchased books there for years, it's one of my favorite places in Toronto! Indigo in Canada is like Barnes & Noble in US, there are Indigo bookstores in all major malls in Toronto, I just love being there. There is one close to my job so I love going there during my lunch hour, even if sometimes I buy books, and sometimes I don't, I just love browsing around to deconnect from work. I once told one of the shopgirls from there that I love being there and coming there for my lunch hour, and she loved hearing it, she felt like I paid a compliment to her, and not to the store, because she also loved working there. :)

    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria