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About indulging...

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Oh golly, I have not posted in a week!  I managed to survive the end of the semester (just barely), packed to go home, got stuck in Vegas due to snow in Chicago, finally made it home and then got slammed with a sinus infection.  

The good news is that now that I'm home, I don't have to be a grown up anymore.  I mean, I'm a pretty good grownup.  I cook healthy food for myself, eat a ton of veggies and try to stay away from meat and junk food, I only buy fair trade/handmade/second hand clothes... and then when I'm back in my mommy's house, I suddenly find that I'm stuffing myself with Hostess donuts and Cheetos and going on shopping sprees.  I got a haircut, my nails done, got some new workout gear, spent some time in the gym, and have been protein-loading like crazy and I feel like a brand new person!  

I guess it's about moderation.  When I am in Vegas and working with high stress and am on my own, I have to be extra good, but when I'm at mommy's house, it's all about indulging! 

Water bottle by Swell
Sweatshirt by Calia
Shoes by Nike
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  1. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

    Xoxo, Victoria