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#SustainableSunday... re-purposing with Mata Traders... again...

Sunday, February 12, 2017

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It is another lovely #SustainableSunday and this week, I want to chat about re-purposing.  

As you may remember, since moving to Vegas, I've lost a ton of weight due to stress.  Despite all of my efforts to eat a ton of junk, eat a ton of protein, lift heavy weights, shift focus from cardio to plain old muscle building, stop being a vegetarian to consume more meat, I just can't seem to keep the weight on... and this means that a lot of what's in my wardrobe doesn't fit. 

And even though it may be in the budget to go out and buy a ton of smaller clothes, because I've been gaining momentum with this minimalism thing, I've ended up getting super creative with the way I wear the clothes that I do have.  Enter the Mata Traders Ikat skirt.  I am obsessed with the print and color, but sadly, the skirt is too big for me...

... well... it's too big to wear as a skirt.  It fits perfectly as a top, though!  Seriously though, I own two skirts from Mata Traders and I have gotten fancy with both of them.  I've worn each of them as skirts, but I've also styled them as scarves (check it out HERE) and now, as a shirt, as well. 

Also, I have to give a shoutout to this jewelry.  Ya'll may or may not have noticed, but I always have a slew of tiny bracelets on my right arm.  They are things that I've picked up while traveling: a string bracelet that was tied onto my arm by a Sudanese man while I was walking in a fountain in Milan, an evil eye bracelet picked up in Greece, a Nordic rune carved on a piece of antler from Finland, and some sea glass found in California.  Today, I've added something new and I'm totally smitten.  I've teamed up with the good people at MudLOVE . They are based in my former home sweet home of Indiana, and are attempting to help with clean water and other international initiatives to help make the world a better place and they're doing it with mud!  Yes, that's correct!  Mud!  

MudLOVE has oodles of clay bands, hand-stamped with inspirational reminders, and the profits from the sale of each band goes to benefit someone in need.  I've added my new "Be Still" band to my stack of wonderful memory bracelets because, let's be honest... I tend to move too fast and too furiously and I can only benefit from the reminder to slow things down.  Perhaps I should add slow living to my new sustainable, minimalist lifestyle! 

... oh, and if you're as smitten with my new MudLOVE band as I am, you're in luck... stay tuned for a giveaway... 

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  1. I have also worn some of my skirt in my wardrobe as tops, to make the most of my wardrobe. I love dressing unconventionally and this is one way to do it, by wearing clothes beyond their original purpose, whenever the design allows it.

    Have a great weekend!
    Xoxo, Victoria