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An ode to an old pair of boots...

Monday, April 24, 2017

Once upon a time, more specifically February of 2001, my mommy and I made our first trip to REI.  You see, we were getting ready to go to Colorado and I was about to take my very first ski lessons.  Obviously, that meant that we needed to be properly attired.  Not having had much need for ski clothes in the past, I got a new ski jacket and pants (which I still have and wear to this day), goggles (which I also still have and use), and other cold weather gear.  However, the most versatile addition to my wardrobe on this shopping excursion was a pair of hiking boots.  

In the 16 subsequent years to making this purchase my hiking boots have accompanied me all over the world.  Domestically, they've hiked in Montana, North and South Dakota and Alaska.  They've made numerous ski trips in Colorado.  They've kept my feet warm and dry in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin winters.  Abroad, they've served me well on weekend walks in Germany.  They carried me to Giant's Causeway in Ireland and even kept me dry on my hunt for Nessie at Loch Ness!  They've been to Stonehenge, walked over bridges in Hungary and have even partied in Mexico a few times! 

Yes, these boots have been all over the place.  

And now I'm a bit sad.  You see, a few weekends ago SB and I made a trip to one of our favourite local Vegas hiking spots, Mt. Charleston.  Down where we live, the temperatures were in the 80s, but up on the mountain, we ended up hiking up a ravine through almost a foot of snow!  After our hike, while stretching out before hopping back into the car to head home, I discovered that one of my boots was quite literally falling apart.  It had become detached from its sole which prompted near-immediate application of gorilla glue, to no avail.  I tried everything I could think of to get my boot stuck back together, but after 16 years of loyal service to me, I am sad to say that they are dead.

The minimalist in me is having a tough time letting them go.  Even though I have since replaced them (with some really super amazing boots that I have totally run through the gamut over the last few weeks... stay tuned), I have so many epic memories attached to my sad, dead boots that I'm not quite ready to say goodbye just yet.  

Has this ever happened to you?  Do you have that one thing in your wardrobe that has been rendered useless, but you just can't let it go?   

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