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Moro Rock...

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, I had the distinct pleasure of literally having my head in the clouds on top of Moro Rock.  After waking up from my very first night ever camping in a tent that was not in a friend's backyard, we packed up, had a quick breakfast and hit the trails for one last walk amongst the giant Sequoia trees. 

We ended up hiking a trail that is usually open to vehicles, but was closed due to snow and this lead us to a smaller and much less traveled trail through the forest and straight to Moro Rock.  This monolith rose out of the forest and even though we'd already hiked several miles, we had to climb it.  It was mostly stairs, but at times, narrowed to graded slopes with little foot holds carved out.  There were few rails to hold onto and the few glimpses I got over the edge, made my stomach turn. 

We reached the top of the mountain and as we did, we were quickly enveloped by clouds.  Now, I've been in the clouds in an airplane before, but I'd never actually ended up inside of a cloud without a great metal bird around me.  It was crazy.  One second there were sweeping views of the valley and the forest and the next second, we were in a fog!  It rolled back out just as quickly as it rolled in and the gorgeous views were restored, but wow.  Just wow.  What a treat! 

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  1. such a cool post ! Lovely pictures !