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#SustainableSunday with Qet Botanicals...

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Happy #SustainableSunday, tout le monde!  As you know, I have been on a sustainable journey for some time now, but one place that I've really struggled is in the health and beauty department.  I've gone through all of the big box/mainstream supposedly organic products and struck out.  I've also done a good deal of striking out with making things that I saw on Pinterest.  Not that there's anything wrong with making stuff.  I guess I just don't have the knack for it in this particular department! 

That being said, I am so glad that I stumbled across Qet Botanicals on Twitter a few weeks ago.  They are a small company based out of Wisconsin, which as a native Chicagoland girl, I am happy to get on board with (yeah, Midwest!).  Qet Botanicals is all about keeping things green, i.e. natural, free of chemicals, toxins, and synthetics and this is something I can totally get behind as well!  

I was lucky enough to sample a number of their products, and I am in love.  People who know me know that I can't leave the house without lip balm.  Since my switch to more natural products, I've had a tough time finding something that works for me the way I felt all the chemical-filled stuff worked.  I am totally smitten with the Qet Botanicals green tea balm.  It's essentially made of shea butter and oils and it's fabulous!  Since I've also been on the lookout for a perfume that's more than either chemicals or just some essential oil in distilled water, I was able to try out the jasmine nectar and that too, blew my mind.  It comes in a roller bottle with actual jasmine flowers in it.  It smells fresh, isn't sticky, and the scent lasts (don't even get me started on the lavender nectar... dreamy)! Their dry putty deodorant also has great texture, great scent, isn't stick, and works without chemicals! 

Another thing that I love about Qet Botanicals is that they make a number of different suites.  These are perfect little sets of goodies that are great for travel or for sampling a bit of everything before going with their full-sized counterparts. I was lucky enough to try the facial suite, the body polishing suite, and the body softening suite.  

I'm a total sucker for body scrubs, so I especially loved the polishing suite.  It has small-sized scrubs in espresso mint, green tea matcha, lavender and vanilla bean, and raw cacao and oat.  They are all totally scrumptious, but my favourite is the espresso mint.  Something that I especially like about these scrubs is that they don't dissolve right away as lots of others do, so you can really take your time using them without having to worry about the scrub going to waste.  

The body softening suite is another super sumptuous experience.  Living in the desert, my skin is always drying out, so relaxing in a bath strewn with flower petals followed by an all-over oil rub was a rather awesome experience. 

If you're looking for beauty product that are made with natural ingredients, look no further!  Qet Botanicals has it all!  

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