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#SustainableSunday with Sreepur Village...

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Last weekend, I had the lucky chance to escape to California to recharge by the ocean.  There's something about California beach towns (and near-the-beach towns) that I find especially refreshing.   One of my favourite places to visit is called Bart's Books and it is an open-air second-hand book shop.  It is full of plants and has a resident cat and they let you bring your giant puppies in while you browse.  

While all of that is totally wonderful, what I really want to talk about is a charity called Sreepur Village.  It is a UK-based non-profit that helps to support women and children in rural Bangladesh.  They are currently supporting over 100 single women and over 400 children in their village and they also help to support 250 street children.  These initiatives provide food, shelter, and healthcare along with education and livelihood training for the people who have been taken in.  Part of their funding comes from their shop, which makes beautiful handmade scarves, bags, and greeting cards.  

They were kind enough to send me this lovely grey scarf (I've been totally hooked on the colour grey for quite a while now).  It was handwoven from jute and wool and has great texture.  It is cozy but is lightweight enough that it can definitely transition into spring.  I was comfortable wearing it on a chilly California Sunday and urge you to hop over to their site (link below) to check out all that they have on offer.  Every purchase helps to support over 500 people in their village! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the scarf is handmade and fair trade
: the sweater was a hand-me-down
: the tee is ethically made and supports global education initiatives
: the bracelets were handmade from repurposed items
: the ring was sustainably handmade

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