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#SustainableSunday with Superego Clothiers...

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Did you know that you could wear hemp? 

It's true!  You can... and Superego Clothiers makes some pretty fabulous hemp tees! 

There is something of a stigma surrounding hemp these days, but it is just that: a stigma.  Hemp isn't just a plant to use/abuse (helloooooo, Mary Jane).  It is a fast-growing plant that yields twice the gains with half as much water as cotton.  Hemp is a hearty plant that can beat weeds that would choke cotton plants and in some studies, hemp can even help clean pollutants from the soil in which it grows.  

Because these days, there are so many companies producing so much, the environment is being overly taxed.  While organic cotton is totally fabulous, if we continue at our current rate of production, but switch to hemp, we can save a ton of water and make much less of a negative impact on the planet.  

This "Cut from a Different Cloth" tee is just that: literally cut from a different cloth.  I love the statement that this tee makes.  When people see this phrase, they want to know what it means and it naturally opens the door to a positive conversation about ways to help make positive change for the environment.  Superego's basic tees are pretty amazing, also.  I can't get enough of their v-neck white tee!  

Hop over to their shop and let me know what your favourite pieces are in the comments! 

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