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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

It must be box week!  On Monday, I got to tell you all about the Water Box and today, I have to share some goodies that arrived at my doorstep through Discover LMS!  

I love to discover fun new brands, but sometimes, (as my boss would say) it's easy to get lost in the weeds with so much information out there in the world and on the inter webs, so I'm actually kind of thrilled to have connected with Discover LMS because their whole job is to do the discovering and sending of goodies! 

In my first box, I received Vegan Ranch dressing from Primal Kitchen
popped water lily seeds from Bohana, and a vial of Sole Serum cream for foot pain.  Let's jump straight into my review, shall we? 

I will honestly say that I often forget that ranch dressing exists, but every time I rediscover it, I'm thrilled.  However, since I've been really trying to make more vegetarian and vegan choices in my diet, I really have to pay attention to ingredients.  This Primal Kitchen Vegan Ranch dressing totally fits the bill.  It doesn't completely taste the way typical ranch dressing does, but I actually appreciate that more.  It's very tangy and I picked up hints of dill (which I loved in salad dressings while living in Germany).  I tried it on a salad, but can totally picture myself using it as a dip for fresh raw veggies  and for adding into other recipes! 

The next item in the box, popped water lily seeds, were really super fun.  As a child, I was an incredibly picky eater.  Since finishing high school, thankfully, I've become a bit of a world traveler and my taste buds have evolved significantly, which is great, because child me probably would have been hesitant to try these, but grownup me was super stoked.  This experience taught me that popped water lily seeds have actually been consumed in India for thousands of years and Bohana has put a spin on them to suit modern-day tastes.  The Himalayan pink salt seeds are definitely salty, tangy, and have a texture that kind of reminds me of other puffed snacks.  It was definitely hard to eat just a handful at a time and I would love to try their soulful spice and wild white cheddar flavors.  These would be such a great snack to leave in a car or desk drawer for a fun pick-up!  

Finally, I got to test drive Sole Serum's new, well... Sole Serum.  This is a luxury serum made with lidocaine and natural oils (tea tree, peppermint, and lavender) to target foot pain.  I love that it comes in a slender pump vial (hello, perfect size for travel!) and the scent is not your typical pain-relief scent (thank goodness for that!).  

In the end, I'm glad that I took a chance and gave some new products a spin!  I don't know that I ever would have discovered these goodies on my own! 

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