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Monday, June 18, 2018

Have you ever checked the mail after a week away and come away with a lovely surprise?  This exact scenario just occurred in my life!  When I returned to Vegas from Chicago, I had a lovely little bundle of goodies from my pals over at Juice Organics!  I seriously think that I'm operating on some wavelength that's truly resonating with them because we first teamed up last year just after I chopped off 15 inches of my hair and as life has been a bit crazy, it was super fun to get a surprise restock from them! 

All of that being said, here's what I want y'all to know about Juice Organics: 

1) Their ingredients are actually organic
2) Their ingredients are actual things that you can easily pronounce (i.e. aloe, argan oil, grape juice, apple juice)
3) Their products smell AMAZING
4) Their packaging is totally recyclable

Last year, I fell head over heels for their brightening citrus scent and now, their color protect fig set is stealing my heart.   While I've actually never colored my hair with anything but grape juice and I'm embarrassed to admit: washable markers (I wanted funky highlights during my clubbing phase in college), their color protect set is designed to protect hair against environmental stressors like dirt and dust to keep hair healthy and shiny and I can totally get behind that.  Also, just like their citrus set, the scent is truly wonderful! 

Some of the best news: You can buy this stuff at Target AND it's totally affordable! 

What are you waiting for?  Hop over to their site and check out all of their different hair care lines! 

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