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Sunday, June 10, 2018

So... cars... they are definitely useful and I've always loved a good road trip, but here's the thing: they can wreak some serious havoc on our environment.  Because I haven't yet saved up quite enough to purchase a hybrid or electric vehicle, I am always on the lookout for ways to make my gasoline-engine car more environmentally friendly.  I've practiced all sorts of methods of eco-friendly driving, I make sure to get regular oil changes, and I use car washes for the exterior of my car (as they more efficiently wash away and filter the dirty water that comes off of your car).  

However, sometimes, I have to do a bit of car cleaning myself and so when I do, I do whatever I can to stay away from using tons of gnarly chemicals.  This is where Drops Choice comes in.  They make an automotive multi-surface cleaner and an engine degreaser that are made without animal testing and using biodegradable, water soluble ingredients.  They have done everything they can to use naturally derived ingredients to keep the use of chemicals to a minimum and their products meet the rigorous standards put in place by the Clean Air Choice Cleaners & Companies.  While I know that my vehicle emits carbon monoxide and other chemicals that can harm the environment, at least I can maintain my vehicle using products of a more eco-friendly nature! 

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