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Monday, July 9, 2018

Green Bees, I am so grateful that when I run out of something and begin the search for a way to sustainably replace whatever has just run out, the search is so short-lived.  

... years ago when I started this journey, that was not the case.  

Anyway, picture this: 

I'm sitting on the couch, catching up on nature documentaries on Netflix when I realize that I'm just about out of conditioner.  At this point, I've started scrolling through Instagram where I discover Seed Phytonutrients.  Interested, especially in their packaging, I click over to their website where I am greeted with a banner that is plastered in sunflower seed pods.  Ok, I'm totally hooked.  I click around a wee bit and find that all of their range (shampoo, conditioner, facial care, and body products) are all created with REAL ingredients.  You know, like camellia seed oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut, and turmeric.  

Color me curious, so I reach out and they say that they're happy to send me some samples.  At this point, I literally AM the heart eyes emoji embodied.  When the samples arrive, I'm even more over the moon, because I'm almost out of face wash, but the peeps at Seed have totally got me covered.  I headed for the desert early one morning while the temperatures were a nice balmy 100 degrees.  I twirled around a bit, tried to capture how amazing their packaging is and then I came to a blurb on the back of the body wash.  It reads "Good things come to those who wait.  Once empty, split the bottle open and discover our heirloom seed packet inside.  FUN FACT! This bottle used to be a box.  It uses 100% up cycled material and 70% less plastic, and yes this paper bottle can get wet." 

Now, color me curious.  Because patience is a virtue that I only possess in small quantities, I had to pop the bottle open.  Inside, I found a packet of organic sweet basil seeds!  If I haven't mentioned it here or on Instagram lately, sweet basil is my absolute favourite herb to cook with and mine got fried in the Vegas sun, so I am beyond excited to have received these.  I am going to do my very best to wait until I've used all of the face wash, shampoo, and conditioner that were sent in my sample pack.  

When I got home from this desert adventure, I knew that I needed to get to know these products a bit better, so I hopped into the bubble bath to experiment.  At this point, you can color me totally in love because these goodies smell AMAZING!  It was a true spa experience in the comfort of my own home.  I'm someone who likes the scent of amazingly-scented hair products to stick around for a while after I've used them and I have to tell you, the scent of the shampoo and conditioner still smelled amazing a day later!  I have my opened bottle of body wash next to me as I'm writing this and if I could capture the scent waves that I'm experiencing right now and transmit them into this post, I would.  The body wash, in particular, is teakwood scented, and it's sending me into a super relaxed and happy state.  

I want to make a brief note here since I've seen some comments about these bottles on Instagram that yes, the up cycled exterior is super awesome, but yes, it does still require a plastic bottle on the inside to keep the product from completely leaking through.  The wonderful people over at Seed are aware of this and have created a liner that uses 70% less plastic than the average container.  After cracking one of my plastic bottles open, I can contest that the plastic is quite thin, but I do think that once mine are empty, I will keep them to use in the classroom, though they are recyclable!  

Have you ever heard of Seed?  How fun is it that they hide seeds inside of their up-cycled packaging?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below! 

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