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Sustainable goodies on the go...

Monday, July 2, 2018

Hi there, Green Bees!  Today, I'm happy to say that I was recently sent a box full of sustainable goodies to try out and I have got to give them all my seal of approval.  If you happen to be planning a summer picnic any time soon, then all of these snacks and products are perfect for you!  Here's what I've got for ya: 

Tiesta Tea was created by a couple of pals who studied abroad during college.  In Prague (one of my favourite cities on earth) they fell in love with loose leaf tea and set out on a mission to bring this type of tea to the masses by way of flipping the market.  Usually, loose leaf teas have to come from specialty shops and vendors, which can get crazy expensive, but at Tiesta, they have figured out how to work with local and global suppliers to create blends that taste amazing and provide health benefits.  I brewed up some Blueberry Wild Child (packed with antioxidants) iced tea right away and even though I don't actually like blueberries (I know... I'm weird), I love the tea.  Their teas are all certified Non-GMO AND Tiesta loves to give back by way of building clean water wells in Africa and by passing out Warmth Kits in (my sweet home) Chicago in the winter.  

If you've been reading here for a while or if you know me personally, you know that I am totally done with single-use plastic straws.  Totes over them!  With many cities now banning single-use plastics,  but with the demand for these products not really changing all that much, new alternatives need to be investigated.  That being said, Repurpose is a pretty awesome brand.  They've developed a way to use plants to create compostable straws, cutlery, plates, and cups.  While I'm really all about finding re-usable products, I know that sometimes, it's just easier to use single-use products and using products that are compostable is WAY better than resorting to plastic products that will take a million years to break down.  I got to try out their straws and found them to be totally functional, flexible, and they definitely to not have the weird texture of similar products.  Bonus: they don't disintegrate like compostable paper straws.  I am a super slow drinker of things like iced coffees and have experience the yuck that is taking too long to drink through a paper straw.  

If you're on the go a lot  or if you're stuck working at  your desk for long periods of time, the odds are that when you want a snack, your only option is total junk (i.e. fast food while on the road or the 3-day old donuts in the break room).  This is where Health Warrior enters the picture to save the day!  College pals/athletes/desk-bound workers teamed up to create Health Warrior to provide snacks that are packed with superfoods to keep you figuratively and literally running through all the hoops your day puts before you.  I got to try out their Chia bars and loved the colorful (recyclable) packaging, the texture, and the taste.  They are gluten-free, vegan, organic, and certified Non-GMO, in addition to being the perfect size to stockpile in a purse, desk drawer, car console! 

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