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Dancing in the rain...

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

I was all set, this afternoon, to go home and bury myself under a pile of blankets with a good book.  While this would have been truly epic, I think I made a better choice.  I stopped to dance in the rain. 

I think that it is easy to get bogged down in just getting through every day and we forget that we CAN take the time to replenish our souls by doing the simplest of things. 

Please, even though it is late in the day as I post this, do something that will make your heart sing. 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the sweater was thrifted
: the earrings are handmade and donate to education efforts in Guatemala
: the scarf is handmade and fair trade
: the trousers are handmade in the US and help to fight human trafficking

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