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Monday, October 15, 2018

As my next birthday approaches (on Friday!!! Ahhhh!), I've found myself doing quite a bit of reflection on life.  Here are some things that I've realized: 

: change is constant 
: heartbreak happens
: it's ok to feel sad
: even when you feel alone, there are people who love you (they might just be waiting in the wings for your call)
: having faith is important (and no, I don't just mean in religion...)
: unexpected things can and will happen

I have a feeling that a super sappy post will be coming soon.  Truth be told, I've been mentally writing something about the love I have discovered over the last several months, but I'm so overwhelmed by the magnitude of it that it's actually been difficult to form coherent sentences.  Stay tuned.  

... Just know that life has thrown me some truly magical curveballs since my move to Colorado and I really am bursting at the seams to announce everything to the world.  

... Also... if you feel like you're stuck, please keep going.  I experienced some of my lowest lows in the last year and something kept me going and I don't know that it's possible for me to be any happier than I am!  Please feel free to reach out if you need to talk! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the earrings are sustainably-made
: the necklace was handmade
: the sweater was thrifted
: the jeans were up-cycled
: the booties are ethically-made

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