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#SustainableSunday with Nott Sleepwear...

Sunday, March 31, 2019

When you get the chance to have a free staycation, you take it (and you love it and you're grateful for it... and you also use it to jump on the bed with your puppy (which you aren't allowed to do at home)).  If you're extra, extra lucky, you also get to wear eco-friendly, super comfy new jammies while doing it! 

Yes, Green Bees, I've hit the jackpot once again.  I have discovered some truly epic loungewear that, to be honest, is likely to become a staple in my daily wardrobe as well.  My new friends Meghan and Steph created Nótt Sleepwear in 2017 to fill a void in the marketplace.  All of their garments are made of a sustainable cotton modal that is just as comfy as it is easy to care for and get this: many of the tops can be reversed to have different necklines.  Oh, and not only are their garments ideal for lounging around the house, they can be easily worked into outfits as streetwear, which makes them even more versatile.  To sweeten the deal a bit more, Nótt Sleepwear also donates 5% of their bottom line to help fund causes that support women both locally and internationally. 

I promise that it's not too good to be true.  It's just good and true!  

What's sustainable about this look?

: the top is sustainably made and donates to women's initiatives
: the shorts are sustainably made and donates to women's initiatives
: the joggers are sustainably made and donates to women's initiatives

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