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Alley Cats...

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

There are times when you're out in the world, being a human when you just happen to stumble across something epically cool.  Sometimes, it's a great sustainable brand.  Sometimes, it's that gold ticket item for which you've been searching in a thrift store.  Sometimes, it's a super random art installation on a walk around town.  

... and sometimes, you happen to be wearing clothing from some sustainable clothing brands (i.e. Kindom and People of Leisure) and your thrift store bellbottoms when you stumble into an alley filled with fake cats and discover that it is part of an art installation that is meant to instill a bit of extra joy around Denver. 

... it definitely worked for us and upon further research, I discovered that we have already seen one of the other 4 installations on a previous trip to Denver.  

What do you think?  Can art change your mood?  Has your city created a similar movement? 

What's sustainable about this outfit?

: the plaid top can convert to short sleeves and was made of reclaimed fabric
: the tank is made of organic cotton
: the sunglasses are made of sustainable bamboo
: the jeans were thrifted
: the cowgirl boots were hand-me-downs from my step-sister

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