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Sunday, April 7, 2019

As you know, fair trade and sustainable fashion is kind of my thing.  I've committed myself, over the last several years, to doing my best to seek out the best and most ethical garments and have nearly cleared my closet of items that have come from the fast fashion world.  As much as I love going on treasure hunts for these garments, something that I love even more is when these brands come to me.  

I was absolutely honored to receive an email from Liz Alig several weeks ago about working together to spread the word about her fair trade fashion brand.  She's done an absolutely amazing job of finding fair trade cooperatives around the world to help produce her effortless designs.  All of the fibers used in her line have been sustainably-sources or are recycled in some way.  By doing this, she's been able to save tons of fabric from going to landfills, which is a great way to help the planet reduce waste.  She's then created comfortable and stylish garments that are all produced by women around the world who earn a fair living wage and benefit from access to education and learning workplace skills that they likely would not have been able to acquire without these cooperative jobs.  

Liz was kind enough to help me test the waters (I've always wanted to get into rompers and jumpsuits, but have been scared to try) by sending me her super fun boho Lolie jumpsuit.  Green Bees, this thing is made of the most beautiful fabric that I wish y'all could touch it through these photos.  I love the neutral grey and beiges of the fabric, but the texture of the handwoven cotton is truly where it's at!  The top is fitted, it has pockets, and the wide legs are totally up my alley.  My mum was staying with me on the day that we (err... she) photographed it on an antiques shopping expedition and I let her jump in and style my whole look.  It was kind of fun that she chose to use a fair trade scarf as a belt and then accented everything with handmade/fair trade brass accessories.  

I'm already planning to layer this look a bit differently the next time I wear it, and I am truly looking forward to wearing it at work to start some more conversations about how groovy Liz Alig is and how important it is to shift to a fair trade model when finding fancy clothing! 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the jumpsuit is made of sustainable handmade fabrics in a fair trade setting
: the scarf (worn as a belt) is fair trade and handmade
: the earrings are fair trade and handmade
: the bracelet is fair trade and handmade
: the wedges were second hand

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