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Monday, April 8, 2019

Ok, so... as a traveler and a bit of an eco-freako, I'm often asked about how I manage to keep things sustainable when I'm on the move.  While, once you're committed to wearing a sustainable wardrobe, it's easy to make sure that the clothing in your suitcase is planet-friendly, there are a handful of things that you probably use on a daily basis that may seen a bit daunting to deal with when you're on the go.  

Don't worry!  It's really not that tricky!  It's all about choosing the right bag and making smart choices with what goes into said bag.  

Hokay, so... I'll start by saying that it's much easier to pack for travel when you're on a short trip or on a road trip and don't have to worry about luggage restrictions.  However, after my years living overseas and navigating wonky luggage rules (i.e. pay to carry on, but check a bag for free, what?), I think I've finally got a decent handle on how to simplify things so it is possible to be sustainable, stylish, simplified, and comfy all at the same time. 

Step one: Select your carry-on bag.  
If I'm honest, I'd say that this is probably the trickiest thing to do.  In choosing a bag, you'll need to consider how much stuff you need to have with you on your journey (i.e. baby stuff, laptop, 7 paperback books, etc.).  Then you'll need to do a bit of research to find one that is the correct size, but that also matches your style and has some sort of sustainable benefits.  I've been loving my indigo tote from Shel-USA.  It was great as an airplane carry on bag for my long weekend in California, it made a great tote around Disneyland, and was ideal for our recent staycation in Denver. 

Step two: What do I need? 
As a maximalist minimalist, I put a lot of thought into what I tote around the planet with me.  I really don't want to have a giant bag filled to bursting when I'm hopping onto a plane (though in some situations, this might be totally necessary).  The majority of my travels are for exploration and relaxation, so I'm able to narrow things down to what's truly important to me: a reusable water bottle, a reusable coffee to-go thermos, sunglasses, lip balm, my wallet, my camera, 2 or less pieces of technology, and the requisite chargers. 

Truly, the things that were the most difficult to which to grow accustomed to having in my travel bag were the water bottle and re-usable coffee cup.  It's taken years, but after some trial and error, I've found functional and stylish products that are easy to keep close and don't weigh too much, even when full.  Now I barely ever leave the house without one or both of my re-usable vessels, which has helped to keep hundreds of single-use plastic containers out of landfills!  

What do you think?  Any carry-on packing tips to add? 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the sunglasses are made of sustainable bamboo
: the top was thrifted
: the jeans were thrifted
: the bag is fair trade and handmade
: the boots were hand-me-downs
: the to go cup is sustainably made from bamboo

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