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Save the reef...

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Don't mind me... I'm just over here wearing my mom jeans... but I'm also helping to protect coral reefs!  

Don't believe me?  

It's true!  This top from Vois helps to generate donations to the Coral Reef Alliance to help them fund their Adaptive Reefscapes initiative.  Because coral reefs help to protect coastlines, contain about a quarter of all marine life, and generate something like $375 billion a year in revenue from fishing and tourism, they are especially important to our eco-system.  However, coral reefs are under great threat.  Rising ocean temperatures have caused corals to bleach and die, which also causes entire ecosystems to perish.  

Luckily, there is hope with Adaptive Reefscapes.  This program seeks to help corals learn to adapt to the changing climate.  Current supports the idea that corals are able to evolve and adapt to varying conditions.  By creating diverse reefs, it may be possible to help corals begin to thrive again, and therefore, support a wide array of other ocean life. 

Who knew that getting dressed in Colorado could help to preserve ecosystems in Fiji?   

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