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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Picture this: You're home with your hubby and baby.  Having groceries delivered is not only acceptable, it is encouraged.  You can spend your time working out.  Or not.  You can use free time cleaning.  Or not.  You can spend some time snuggling under lots of blankies with a big stack.  Or not.  And you definitely don't have to put outfits together.  

No, a full rotation of pajamas is exactly what the doctor ordered.  Literally.  

I'm talking about maternity leave!  What did you think I was talking about? 

Oh, that pesky quarantine again.  Well... I guess where I was going with that was that after 12 weeks of maternity leave, I'd definitely been looking forward to wearing actual outfits again and had a stockpile of fun outfits prepped and ready to go for returning to work. 

... which I did, for 2 weeks... and suddenly, we are 5 week in to this quarantine and, though I have been able to get creative with my comfy clothing rotation, I was definitely happy when these fancy sweats arrived from my newest sustainable fashion partner, Vois.  This Sweet Home Chicago-land-based new company is the brainchild of Denese Vicky (who, it turns out used to live in the town where I grew up), out of a desire to help people who love to get dressed do so in a way that has a minimal impact upon the planet. 

The Coral Reef Collection, available for pre-order now, is a showcase of 4 basic pieces that can be mixed and matched, and are great for super laid back quarantine wear or for going out and about.  Everything is made using blend of bamboo rayon and natural cotton that is an OEKO-TEX certified fabric.  

I got to up my laid back wardrobe gain by pairing the fancy sweats with some other sustainable pieces for a walk the other day.  The sweats are a great mid-weight that was ideal for a snow-melty spring day, but will also be wonderfully breathable in warmer weather.  I love the addition of the tassels on the drawstring as an extra fun touch.  They were made using scrap fabric!  Oh, and SunStars said that he was jealous of how comfy I looked and that he would like a pair of fancy sweats for himself! 

Since it is Earth Month, I also have to mention that this collection is called the Coral Reef Collection for a reason.  Vois is generously donating 2% of profits from every purchase to the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL).  This non-profit organization is dedicated to learning how corals adapt to climate change so that they can help to restore ocean eco-systems.  Their Adaptive Reefscapes project aims to  create 45 new reefscapes (coral reef that are well adapted to their local environments) by the year 2045!  

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the sunglasses are made of bamboo
: the sweatshirt is made of organic cotton
: the sweats are made of bamboo rayon and natural cotton
: the shoes are vegan

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