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#SustainableSunday with Tillage Clothing Company...

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Have you ever been out in the desert in the most comfortable trousers ever and attempted to do tree pose in front of a really groovy Joshua tree when the wind blew crazy hard and nearly knocked you over?  

Yep, that's happened to me too (please, see above ^).  

Balance issues aside, I'd like to tell you all about Tillage Clothing!  I connected with Tillage on Instagram probably about a year ago and since then, the founder, Abby, and I have had a number of wonderful conversations about how awesome the ocean is, how rad dolphins are, and how cool it is to take good photos of whales!  Really nothing but good can come from an online friendship like that, right?  

That being said, Abby created Tillage Clothing in 2015.  The company name is reminiscent of the need to till soil in order to cultivate growth.  She really hit the nail on the head with these crops!  They come in three different weights (I am currently totally digging the mid-weight crop) and a ton of different colours.  They are insanely soft and I kid you not, they are perfect for most of the things that I do in my daily life.  In the week or so since I've had mine, I've worn them to work, out to the desert, to yoga, and to bed.  If I weren't attempting to live a more minimal lifestyle, I'd have to order them in every colour!  

What's even cooler is that they're made locally in a small factory in Southern California.  All of the fabrics are ethically generated and a portion of the profits from each sale is eagerly donated to The Aruna Project and The Alabaster Jar Project! Both of these non-profit organizations help to free people from human trafficking.  As Abby says on her website, each purchase of a pair of Tillage crops is a way that you, the consumer, can break ground and help to cultivate freedom for someone in need. 

What's sustainable about this outfit? 

: the top was thrifted
: the earrings are fair trade and handmade
: the scarf is fair trade and handmade
: the trousers are locally made from sustainable fabrics and donate to global human trafficking initiatives
: the sandals were made of recycled yoga mats

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