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Starry eyes…

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hit, hit, hit, hit, hit me with lightning… 

Oh, poor Soldier Boy… sometimes he comes home from work and I'm in the kitchen making dinner dressed like this.  Purple extensions, purple contacts, nose ring, tutu and all.  

I mean, some dudes might be totally excited by something like this… but I'm pretty sure he just thinks I'm crazy.  

The thing about it is, if I weren't a teacher, I think I'd wear a nose ring all the time.  I also think I'd like to have purple hair.  And a sleeve… of tattoos.  For real. Underneath it all, I'm pretty sure I'm a total punk… or something like that… 

… and since I am confessing things and happen to have these fabulous Big Dipper ear clips on, I figure that now is the perfect time to unveil how weird my freckles are.  When you just glance at my arm, you see nothing really special, however, if you connect the dots, you'll see that I have a Big Dipper of my very own (yes, I have to draw one freckle in)!  My mum and aunt also have this same freckle pattern in the same spot… and it makes me wonder if we aren't really a family of witches or something magical like that… 

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22 comments on "Starry eyes… "
  1. Oh my gosh.. you are too cute! I love your shoes!!!! Pretty sure I need them in my life...

  2. Love the cutouts with the booties! Too perfect together.

    xx Cara

  3. these photos are absolutely gorgeous! love them <3

  4. I really love the crop top! This punk inspired look really works on you

  5. I love your earrings!!


  6. I love the look and the photos! Especially the face shot!

  7. Awesome look! Love the hair!


  8. Beautiful blog! Maybe want to follow each other? If yes, just follow me and i folloe you back :)

  9. The purple extensions and contacts are fabulous! And yes, I too would have a sleeve if I weren't a teacher...I think I'm pushing it with the 7 tats I do have...ha!

  10. First, I LOVE this look on you! Soldier Boy might not totally dig it, but I do! And the constellation just floating around on your arm is kind of awesome. I'm a total astronomy geek. Now I'm going to be taking a closer look at my own freckles. :)

  11. This is really an edgy look with a little punk, rock chick kinda look xx I love ur hair so much and the clothes are just so sharp-edged with the bralet and the skirt xx It'd make quite a dramatic look for soldier boy 2 come home and get stunned while ur in the kitchen hahah Have a lovely week ahead xx


  12. Love this look so much, it is gorgeous! Amazing blog, totally enjoyed reading through it. Yes, I actually read posts. Thanks for visiting my blog a month back, just found your comment now. I will be following you from now on through G+ and Bloglovin, because I am adoring your style. The fact that you're a teacher is awesome because I am probably going back to school for just that next year. Hope you visit me and follow back if you enjoy my blog as well. :))


  13. Hey just found your blog and i think that's really great :D
    About this look i love all about it, the skirt and the top, omg the top ahah kinda rock&roll style.
    Have a nice week and come and visit me and if you like it follow :D


  14. Haha you are so great. When I read your blog, I always think whoever spends time with you could never possibly be bored or sad! Love that freckle star formation too, and your entire black outfit!


  15. That freckle thing is so cool! I have a ton all over my arms, now I'm wondering if one of my parents does, too. Your outfit is so delightfully witchy. I could totally see you as a tatted punk, haha.

    Raissa | http://theleatherfannypack.com

  16. I adore your top. Great outfit indeed.

  17. I love your hair! Looks amazing. Cool about the freckles haha. xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista