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The secret garden…

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I know I've complained about missing city sounds.  I really do.  There is literally nothing in the world that quite replicates the honking, yelling, bell-ringing, siren call that is a night in Manhattan and my life in a tiny German village is a far cry from it (except for when Germany won the World Cup… then, it sounded something similar to what war sounds like in my head).  This trip to London was a wonderful chance to get back into a big, fast-paced city.  It was a crazy re-set on my soul.

Plus… I spent about half the trip doing Harry Potter related things, so I definitely can't complain… but once my aunt left, I had a whole day to myself and all I wanted to do was escape into the garden behind my London home and read a ghost story.  And take photos of this fabulous outfit… which I did using a timer app on my phone, which I propped up in my sunglasses case on a picnic table… so I apologize for the blurriness!

… oh, and this fabulous dress from Deb is awesome… It was freezing the other night, so I layered on everything I brought and threw the dress on as a scarf! 

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22 comments on "The secret garden… "
  1. you look divine and your outfits and accessories are really nice! love the bohemian vibe :)
    - Elsey

  2. Love that dress! And cute shoes


  3. Cool photos! I wish I could visit that secret garden too!

    Janine | Lime Life

  4. Very cool pics and super cute outfit!

  5. Your posts always remind us lovely fair-tales! It´s a lovely look ♥.
    Btw this week we are posting all the time about fashion week in Prague so stay tuned if you like ;)!
    Lots of love.

  6. I do love your dress, and London is really lovely place. Doesn't matter how busy it is, it still is magical.

  7. Lovely outfit! Especially loved the ankle boots!
    If I may ask, what is the timer app you mentioned that you used to take photos on your phone?

    xo, Becca

    1. Hi Becca,

      I actually don't remember what it was called! I tried it, didn't love it, and deleted it as soon as I got these few photos! I just went into the app store, searched for "camera timer" and downloaded one of the freebies!

  8. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog:).. I love your boots, they are so nice!
    I started to follow you too :)


  9. I love the outfit! That place kinda reminds me of Harry Potter :)

  10. Great look!! I love your dress:)