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Wearing grandma's couch…

Monday, November 10, 2014

I mentioned yesterday how happy I was to have finally (after nearly a decade-long search) found myself the perfect red and black checked lumberjack shirt, and today, I just have to say: FLOPPY HAT! 

I have an issue.  Ok, I have a few issues.  But the one I want to focus on here is that my head is insanely small.  For real.  I've been increasing my knitting and crochet inventory (HINT: click that to see all the cool stuff I've still got in stock!  It's going fast!) and have made a number of hats and headbands that fit me and the 4-year old kiddos that they have been purchased for in the same way.  My head is freaking tiny.  Because I make a lot of my own hats, it's not generally an issue, but where fedoras and things are concerned, and I have to make a purchase or just live without, I've found that I have to live without.  Even the small-sized hats at Target are too big (and the kids' sizes are too small… I tried…).  

It was with some very small hope that I ordered this floppy hat from Oasap.  It only came in one size and for once in my life, THAT SIZE FITS!  Yay, Asian sizing (really not trying to be gnarly here… they just size things smaller in that part of the world)! 

In other news, how have ya'll been feeling about this floral trend that's come in this season?  

I'm obsessed!  Even though I had more than one person tell me that the print on this dress looks like their grandma's couch/wallpaper/drapes, etc. I'm still smitten!  I just may need to wear this dress again for Thanksgiving! 

… don't even get me started on this coat.  It's bright and warm and makes me feel like I'm wearing a hug.  

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17 comments on "Wearing grandma's couch… "
  1. Great photos and outfit.Love your dress ♡♡


  2. I love this dress!!
    the outfit is amazing :))

  3. I love the dress! And the hat is great, too. Lovely backdrop for the photos. xxx

  4. Oh I love this!! The fall floral, I'm totally loving.. this dress, totally awesome and perfectly paired with the tights & booties! Love this look..

  5. Great post :))
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  6. I'm so glad I'm not alone! I adore 'grandma's couch' as a print! So many people make such disgusted faces when I say this, but I can't help myself!

  7. I love the color palette you wore, that red jacket is gorgeous! x
    Thankyou for checking out rock-n-vogue.blogspot.com

  8. I don't think your dress looks like a couch! The print of your dress is lovely to be honest! I love anything in floral! :)

    Janine | www.itsjaninella.com

  9. I love that print on the dress. Guess we're both into looking like grandma's couch hahaha. I have the exact opposite problem with hats - my head is too fat/big but when you find one that fits you stick with it.

    The Style Boro

  10. Anytime my husband goes shopping with me his favorite critique is "That looks like curtains." I think your dress is lovely.

  11. I love your dress and that floppy hat! Beautiful backdrop btw!

  12. I think you look great!! the print is very pretty <3 xx Pam


  13. I think I'm having the same problem as urs, as my head's 2 small but then my hair kinda makes it up for it Lol. I'm in love with floppy hat <3, it's absolutely a wonderful piece of accessory xx And i think the floral trend's very beautiful, vibrant colour with floral print's just stunning and a warmup for autumn/winter :D xx Have a lovely weekend, darling xx

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