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What's red and black and checked all over?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

A classic lumberjack shirt!  Yes, tout le monde, I've finally taken on this silly fall trend!  I've actually wanted one of these silly red and black shirts since high school (that's for nearly a decade!) and I remember multiple Salvation Army flannel scavenging expeditions, all of which ended with a purchase of about 10 items less than $20 and a rather dubious smell, but no lumberjack shirt.  

When I got to college and worked retail, I looked forward to the possible arrival of red and black plaid each fall and winter during the epically exciting unboxing of new merchandise, but I continually came up empty handed.  

It wasn't until about a month ago, that I found this little gem from Deb and knew I had to have it.  This one isn't actually plaid, but a chiffon poly textured fabric, and it's got a nifty cutout in the back (see below), so I knew that it would have a bit more life in it than I'd get from the average flannel.  I've already come up with several other ways to wear this piece, but for my first go as a lumberjack, I opted for the fur vest, my new favourite jeans, and my fabulous skull bracelet from Love & Pieces.  A note on the skull bracelet: Ashley Tisdale owns the same one (!!!) and you can grab one for yourself for 10% off with coupon SAVANT10! 

Oh, and the most important thing about rocking the lumberjack shirt, is of course, to have a giant stack of pancakes for breakfast before taking on the day! 

Skull bracelet ℅ Love & Pieces Grab 10% off with code SAVANT10

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16 comments on "What's red and black and checked all over? "
  1. This is so hipster, but in a better way than usual.



  2. What a great fall outfit! It is funny how sometimes we search and search for the perfect item and then finally find the right piece. It's always when we stop looking. =)


    I hope you are having a great weekend!


    1. I suppose that's the way to do it! Just give up and let it come to you!

  3. I've seriously wanted a fur vest since last season! loving this outfit

    Xo, Vanessa (Delightful Sunflower)

  4. that fur vest is everything


    1. … and I found it in the kids section at Target about 7 years ago!

  5. I love those items that you get after wanting them for forever! The jacket looks great on you.

  6. I have been wearing so much plaid this season in so many different styles. I love it! I also love that bracelet. :)

  7. Great outfit! Love the hair. xxx