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A few words about positive thinking…

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Yesterday kind of sucked.  My car, adorable as it is, broke down 5 times.  SB made dinner and we simultaneously awoke at 3 AM, made beelines for the bathroom where I’ll spare you the details, but it became apparent that we had eaten some funky food and were up all night.  I literally screamed out loud at my alarm clock and was nearly late for work.  However, before I tumbled out the door, I stopped to grab my Evil Eye bracelet that I picked up in Greece in October. 
I’m a semi-superstitious person and have been heading down a hippier and dippier path than ever before.  I am really enjoying the healing feelings I’ve gained from coloring mandalas, wearing jewelry made from crystals and natural products and using essential oils to ease the pains in my arthritic knees.  The jury is out on if they actually do or if I’m experiencing some sort of psychedelic placebo effect, but as these things appear to make me feel better and I’m not stuffing my body with chemicals, I’ll take it!
I digress. 
Anyway, I put on my Evil Eye bracelet (meant to ward off bad luck) as I tumbled out the door and dedicated myself to giving my car positive affirmations on the drive to work, and this too, seemed to work for me. 
GJ (Grandpa Jack (my car)) didn’t beep or stop running a single time while driving, the car tailgating me got pulled over, my friend brought me coffee and a brownie, and two other people gave me cupcakes in the first two hours I was at work. 
Even though I was very tired from being up all night, I ended up with caffeine to help get through the day.  And even though my belly was still a queasy mess, I had cupcakes (one of my favourite comfort foods) to help settle things down.  And so, I’m definitely going ot have to advocate for the use of amulets, happy thoughts, and other crazy behaviours (talking to one’s car) to push through the sludgy, crummy times.

… and on that note, I wish ya'll a merry Christmas and hope that Santa is kind to you!  I am only ever a morning person on Christmas morning and, let me tell you, I simply cannot wait to wake up tomorrow morning! 

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17 comments on "A few words about positive thinking… "
  1. Awesome post, great look! Merry Christmas!


  2. You look amazing and I'm so glad that the Evil Eye bracelet brought you better luck. Have a Merry Christmas! xo

    1. Thank you! Funny how these things work out, isn't it?

  3. Nice cardigan :) M&MFASHIONBITES mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr

  4. Cool outfit!) http://www.elationofcreation.com

  5. Such a lovely post as always!! Merry Christmas! xo

  6. I do also love this kind of jewelry. Usually I buy it next the beach, here in Portugal!

    1. Sounds like a perfect place to buy things like that!

  7. Love your top! Nice look sweetie :)

    Mae from
    - do not hesitate to visit my blog :)-

  8. Sounds terrible! I too am a firm believer in wearing my evil eye rings (+ everything evil eye) to any important events or functions. I think they work or at least give me that boost of positive energy I'm seeking. Hope your 2015 is better!!

    The Style Boro