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: Makeup eraser giveaway…

Friday, December 26, 2014

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Happy post-Christmas Friday, tout le monde!  I hope that your Christmas was totally, completely magical (I'll share some of my holiday with you tomorrow).  Today, I want to chat makeup!  Since 'tis the season for parties and NYE is just around the corner, we're busy filling in our brows, learning how to apply the perfect liquid liner and choosing the most festive lip colours possible… but what about after the party… when you just want to kick your heels off, pull the pins out of your hair and collapse into bed still wearing your sequined mini dress?

You've got to take your makeup off!  

If you don't want to take a ton of time, messing with oily makeup removers and then having to use a cleanser to get all that oil off, I've got the perfect shortcut for you!  This makeup eraser is wonderful.  All you have to do is get it damp, swirl it around over your face and, voila!  Makeup removed!  Just toss it into the washing machine to clean it!  I just got one and am loving it!  I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first.  I mean, what can this super soft pink cloth do that a washcloth can't?  I'll tell you: It can effectively remove makeup without aggravating the skin… and you know I don't really ever review makeup products here unless I love them, so here you go… 

Now you can enter to win one of your own!  


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