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The many faces of bloggers…

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

When asked to gaze longingly at something, this ^ is what you'll get from me.  A smirk.  A silly, self-conscious smirk.  

While editing these snaps (taken up at Buda Castle on the Buda side of Budapest.  Can  you tell that I like to say "Buda" a lot?), it dawned on me, though not for the first time, that there bloggers/models have a great many faces.  

There are those super high fashion, gazillion-million-Instagram-follower-garnering bloggers who are able to successfully achieve the sexy, sultry, Victoria's Secret Angel look.  There are those who try damned hard and do a pretty good job of gathering a solid following.  And then there are the bloggers like me: we cannot pull off a sexy face at gunpoint.  We try, but it erupts into explosive laughter (see below).  The only time we are actually able to achieve that longing look is when we aren't actually looking directly at a camera, but showing off how fancy the back of our dress is (again, see below).  Smiles are all you get from us, and while Instagram users seem not to like that very much, it is the way it is.  

So there.  

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17 comments on "The many faces of bloggers… "
  1. Haha omg you're adorable! I know what you mean! In no way I manage the sexy serious Victoria's Secret look, but it's still fun to try ;)
    Love the dress!
    Ambitieuse Paris

  2. Love your dress! I can't help but smile too


  3. you look amazing!

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  4. What you rote is true! But you look pretty in these pics, and if this way is more you..don't stop to follow it!
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  5. Echoing Ylenia in that you look absolutely adorable though! I love your difference faces because they are so happy and personable. I've tried to smile more in pictures, but have found that my nose starts to resemble a mushroom whenever my lips turn upwards. :P

  6. Amazing little dress! you look so nice in it...Great post!

    Ooh I got a brand new editorial on Le Blog : ' Jon for G-STAR RAW '
    Greets Jon

  7. I couldn't help but smile as I read this!! It's so true!
    You look lovely as always!!!

    Check out my new blog!!

  8. I feel like my "sultry" comes off as angry. Like "are you going to kiss me or punch me?" Haha! Anyway, your smile is so pretty! As is the back of that dress. :)

  9. Love that flowy dress, you look amazing! Kisses, Anja


  10. I adore this dress! The back is absolutely fabulous :)



    My Closet Life Blog

  11. I think it is wonderful that you are you instead of trying to fit within the image of regular fashion blogger. I think you being you makes this blog as awesome as it is, plus your style, obviously.

  12. Cool dress !


  13. HOW PRETTY IS THIS DRESSSSSS! Obsessed. I LOVE your smile though never stop!

  14. So, so true haha. I couldn't do sexy if I tried. Love this, your smile is lovely :)

    Vanessa xx