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Learning from the past...

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

These are not ordinary suitcases.  And this is a bit of a warning: This post contains photos taken at Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps.  They are not graphic, but each one speaks thousands of words.  From the buildings that once housed thousands of scared, abused humans to mountains of items unwillingly left behind to be picked over, they are reminders of an absolutely horrific past.  

I share these, not because I want to bring sadness into the world or provoke melancholy, but because I feel that it is paramount that we learn from the mistakes that were made in the past, however horrific they may be.  

I won't say much more about these photographs, as they are yours to view and interpret and muse over as you will... 

6 comments on "Learning from the past... "
  1. This is really sad, I haven't been to one of these places before, but it is so important not to forget about history and try to learn from the past.

  2. Takes me back. :/ I visited back in 2006. People are crazy.

  3. These photos are stunning, heartbreaking, haunting, and breath taking all at once.Being in the US with our current political climate these photos serve as a stark reminder of what happens when we acquiesce to hatred and fear.

  4. That's disturbing, but it needs to be shared...

  5. Very powerful photographs. Knowing of the awful suffering of all those innocent lives, should make us all grateful for everything we have today. I find books, films e.t.c about The Holocaust very interesting, poignant and eye-opening. The Pianist is one of my favourite films - it is portrayed excellently by Adrien Brody. xxx
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