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The mystical, mythical adult and the velociraptor crossing...

Monday, March 7, 2016

There is something that I really need/want to get real about: I'm pretty much 100% convinced that it is impossible for anyone to be a real grown up anymore.  And by real grownup, I don't only mean the type of person that as a 5-year old, I seriously looked up to because they were really tall from my rather small perspective knew how to do just about everything that I thought I'd like to know how to do (i.e. drive me to dance class, order food in a restaurant, go to the doctor), I mean the type of person who, by the time I got to high school and realized just how hard it was to adult, really could do it all (i.e. buy a house, balance a checkbook, understand the way insurance works, have investments, work a full-time job and still have time (and the know-how) to fix dinner and clean it up before passing out and then be able to do it again the next day and the next day WHILE responsibly raising children).  

I think that times have changed too much since the days when the mystical, mythical adult was still in its prime.  

This is not to say that I don't recognize that there are zillions of super responsible adults in the world today.  

I'm just not convinced that the type of adult I thought I aspired to be really exists.  With the internet, we don't necessarily have to know how everything works.  We can set  up auto-pay so we never miss a bill payment and balancing a checkbook is almost unheard of due to debit cards and online banking.   If we're stuck on what to make for dinner, we can Pinterest it, heat up a frozen meal, or heck... we can just go out, as there are more restaurants open today than ever before and they are open for more hours per day and more days per year than at any other time in the past.  If we're too tired, there is plenty to technology that can fill the void.  

What I'm saying is that while there are still plenty of ways to be responsible adults, the "adult" that I set my mind on becoming as a child is a thing of the past and as such, it's making it really hard for me to feel like I'm actually growing up!

And with that, please enjoy these photos.  Especially the ones of the velociraptor crossing I found on a walk the other day and from playing in the snow... 

Guatemalan alpaca scarf from The Mustard Seed Fair Trade Shop
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  1. Love the scraf! ;)