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I think I'm in love...

Monday, April 4, 2016

I think I might be in love.  For really for real.  I just may have fallen head over heels in love with Santa Barbara.  Who knew that I'd hop out of the car in this quaint, but bustling college town and never want to leave?  

Not me!  I don't think I've really ever put any thought into Santa Barbara, but a visit was scheduled for Day 2 of my spring break and so I found myself (with my dad, step-mom and their two 5-month old poodles) wandering up and down the busy streets, ducking down alleys into courtyards filled with orange trees and succulents and of course, stuffing ourselves silly with local eats.  If you're going to be in Santa Barbara for the first time and need a few things to do, head over to Three Pickles for a sammich... and grab yourself some Yerba Mate (my newest obsession!), and be sure to treat  yourself to a little shopping spree at Plum Goods.  I picked up a reclaimed metal whale (now fondly known as Buford the Blue Whale) and a NAMASTE reclaimed license plate that I proudly display in my car for all the drivers behind me to see! 

We finished our day back in Ventura at Serra Cross Park, where we let the puppies run around and took in some killer views of the coast before the sun went down!  

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