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Paintings, pastries, and the past...

Thursday, April 7, 2016

travel, california, los alamos, The C Gallery, Bob's Well Bread

Have you ever heard of Los Alamos, California?  



Are you sure?

It's ok... neither had I, but I'm glad now that my path has wound it's way through this tiny, but very vibrant little town in Santa Barbara County.  While it may be true that there isn't really a whole lot there, what I can say about Los Alamos is that what it has is insanely awesome!  From my pseudo-step mom's ex husband's brother's ex wife's art gallery (did you follow that?) to Bob's Well Bread bakery (I recommend the "egg in a jar") just a few buildings away, to the sprawling antique mall across the road, I could easily have spent an entire day making art, taking photos, peeking into nooks and crannies from the past and stuffing myself absolutely silly on homemade pastries! 

Los Alamos is an easy stop to make if you're winding your way through the local wine country and is a stop that I highly recommend! 

4 comments on "Paintings, pastries, and the past... "
  1. Omg you're in Cali!!! :) I have yet to go up the Coast to Santa Barbara area but I can't wait to! How rustic and cute!


    1. Definitely check it out! I've never spent much time on the central coast, but I really enjoyed it!

  2. Los Alamos is one of my favorite places! Santa Barbara county really is one of the most gorgeous areas in California. I'm so going to miss it when I have to leave! :)

    xx, Ashleigh | www.fashioninflight.com

    1. It's kind of a hidden gem! I'm usually in southern California if I'm in California at all. This was a nice departure from what I'm used to in this part of the country!